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Clevo C4500BAT-6 W240EU W250HU W244HU W258B Battery

Clevo C4500BAT-6 W240EU W250HU W244HU W258B Battery

Clevo C4500BAT-6 W240EU W250HU W244HU W258B Battery

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Clevo C4500BAT-6 W240EU W250HU W244HU W258B Battery

Battery Type: Li-ion, Battery Volt: 11.1V, Capacity: 4400mAh, Battery Color: Black, Condition: 100% New, Warranty: 12 months

Compatible Model Numbers:

240CU, 271EFQ, B4100M Series, B4105 Series, B5100M Series, B5130M Series, B7110 Series, B7130 Series, C4100 Series, C4500, C4500 Series, C4500Q, C4500Q Series, C5100Q Series, C5105 Series, C5500QC Series, C5500Q Series, C5505 Series, C5505C Series, T510x, T5100, T5101, W24AEU, W24AHU, W24BHU, W25ACU, W25AEF, W25AEN, W25AES, W25AEU, W25xC, W25xES, W25xH, W27xB, W27xC, W27xE, W27xH, W150 Series, W150DAQ, W150DAQ Series, W150ER, W150ERM, W150ERQ, W150ERQ Series, W150ER Series, W150Ex, W150HM Series, W150HN, W150HNM, W150HNM Series, W150HNQ, W150HNQ Series, W150HN Series, W150HR, W150HRM, W150HRM Series, W150HRQ, W150HRQ Series, W150HR Series, W170ER, W170ER Series, W170HN, W170HN Series, W170HR, W170HR Series, W240BU, W240C, W240EU, W240EUQ, W240EUQ Series, W240EU Series, W240H, W240HU Series, W244HU, W250, W250ES, W250ES Series, W250EUQ, W250EUQ Series, W250H, W250HU, W250HUQ, W250HUQ Series, W251, W251B, W251BUQ, W251BWQ, W251C, W251CUQ, W251EFQ, W251EG, W251H, W251HNQ, W251HPQ, W251HSQ, W251HU, W251HUQ, W252EU, W253C, W253CUQ, W253HSQ, W253HU, W253HUQ, W255, W255B, W255BU, W255BW, W255C, W255CU, W255EU, W255H, W255HN, W255HP, W255HS, W255HU, W255HUQ, W258B, W258BUQ, W258BW, W258BWQ, W258CUQ, W258CZQ, W258ES, W258ESQ, W258EU, W258H, W258HPQ, W258HUQ, W258WSQ, W270BUQ, W270CZ, W270EGQ, W270ELQ, W270EN, W270ES, W270EUQ, W270H, W270HNQ, W270HPQ, W270HSQ, W270HU, W270HUQ, W271, W271BUQ, W271CZ, W271CZQ, W271EFQ, W271EGQ, W271ELQ, W271EU, W271EUQ, w240hu, w253CUQ1

Compatible Part Numbers:

  • 5
  • 4
  • 3
  • 2
  • 1
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